Q1- What is GALAXHIT, and how does it work?

It is normally 'Galaxies Hit'. The success of constellations', the 'victory of the gathering of stars', of peoples with creative imagination, whom from anywhere may have a light, something good to share or offer to the world interconnected on GALAXHIT.COM. GALAXHIT.COM is a global platform where almost any kind of offer and demand meet together, to make life easier and help in increasing happiness.

GALAXHIT is a professional and business networking platform that also works like a web base market that connect local buyers and sellers from all over the world to profitably deal directly. GALAXHIT neither produce, sale nor ship anything to anyone.

Q2- Who can join GALAXHIT?

You. Yes, you with all your contacts on Facebook, Twitters, Google and on others social networks out there, where you cannot even use your network as profitably and in various ways as you do on GALAXHIT. You have on GALAXHIT.COM the real opportunity to create, grow, own and profitably use your network in your chosen business field. Your most important asset ever in life is your network and permanent full access to it. No matter who or where you are, and what you are looking for, or trying to offer, using GALAXHIT, the junction of every good opportunities, is the best option for you.

Q3- What is particular about GALAXHIT?

Virtually everything. As a professional networking platform combined with marketplace advanced features along with many others integrated features, tools and medias, GALAXHIT has all the requirements to be seen as the perfect web based environment where it is easier to grow, and globally expand any concept or activity. Moreover, we know that GALAXHIT is just one of several platforms in its domain but, due to its diversified usage, it is absolutely exceptional. And the difference between us and the others is that every single day, we improve, not our prices but, our system with new features that make us stand out from the competition.

Q4- Can I sell on GALAXHIT?

Yes. Virtually anything, and easier than elsewhere. GALAXHIT is the best place ever. To start selling now, create a free account and start your 14 days free trial to discover how GALAXHIT meets your needs. Product types you can sell to anyone anywhere from your created stores are really many:

  • - Tangible products: physical article or items that can be sold individually and have their own SKUs or can be used in association with Grouped, Bundled, and Configurable Products
  • - Configurable products: These are simple products with variety of options to be selected from drop-down lists (size, color, etc.).
  • - Virtual products: These do not have any physical existence, and only represent something or a concept that can be sold, such as a warranty, a service, subscription, coupon, etc. Virtual products can be associated with Grouped and Bundled products.
  • - - Grouped Products: This type allows you as store admins to create a new product using one or more existing products in your stores. You can choose different variations of a product to be part of a Grouped Product. Price of a Grouped Product is then sum of its component products
  • - Bundled Products: These are also called “Product Kits”. Price of a Bundled Product can be made less than the combined price of its component products.
  • - Downloadable Products: Downloadable products are similar to virtual products, but they include one or more digital files for download like Audio, Video, Photo, e-Books etc.

There are also means of selling offline and online events, and many more.

Q5- What does it cost to use GALAXHIT?

All depends on your chosen registration level. You can opt for paying nothing for lifetime, and if you decide use some of our advanced feature or our full service, you won’t suffer astronomic monthly or per transaction fees.

  • - GALAXFREE is our lifetime free plan offer. Typically equipped with advanced search tool, this level is designed for social networking and business networking users. If users of this plan want to sell, they can still do it, but they’ll be charged a rate per successful transaction.
  • - GALAXPRO is our Premium service and most popular paid plan, with enough enhanced features to meet all professionals, small businesses and vendor's needs.
  • - GALAXBIZ is built for big businesses and big vendors with all unlimited features. Our prices are of the most transparent and lowest on the market. You decide the both amount to pay and comfortable period of payment. For any of your item or service sold on GALAXHIT, you always receive all your money in your account, regardless of its amount:
    • • No commission fee,
    • • No hidden fee,
    • • No hassle
    So, sign up and start earning.

Our prices are of the most transparent and lowest on the market. You decide the both amount to pay and comfortable period of payment. For any of your item or service sold on GALAXHIT, you always receive all your money in your account, regardless of its amount:

  • No commission rate,
  • No hidden fee,
  • No per transaction fee,
  • No hassle

So, sign up and start earning.

Q6- After withdrawal request is done, how long does it take to be processed?

We do not receive payment on our user's behalf, and do not send payments to anyone too. Instead, each seller opens his shop, displays his products and his own terms and conditions, and the buyer purchase goods or services from seller with whom he deals directly. The buyer pays for goods or services directly in seller's account.

Q7- Is there any prohibited product or service on GALAXHIT?

It is a fact that you can sell anything to anyone. But unfortunately we can't support the some activities, product or items. See our Terms of service.

Q8- How can I avoid scammers?

There are some few simple tips that can lead you to work with best peoples all the time, and keep scammers out of GALAXHIT:

  • - Before you choose a product, always perform search using 'within miles' feature or advanced search. Once taken, this coupled action will lead you to nearest offers.
  • - For physical goods, deals locally: By doing this, it become easier to send or receive your goods, report bad cases to local law authorities, or meet whom you are dealing with.
  • - Before you purchase, record a call or chat (translator active for 100+ languages) booking on buyer's page, see others users ratings, read their reviews, compliments, comments, recommendations about the store and its owner. Rating, reviews, 'by members verification' etc., can't be faked on GALAXHIT.
  • - After each deal, take a little time to share your outcome with others though rating, review, 'by members verification', compliment, recommendation etc.

Q9- What is the deal process?


  • - The buyer pays for items or services in the vendor's chosen currency account, accordingly to their agreement.
  • - The vendor delivers the service or supplies the product or item.

Q10- What do I do if I have a problem with my transaction?

In such case, the following is the indicated attitude:

1. Contact the seller

If your item hasn't arrived or isn't as described, first try to contact the seller. You can contact the seller directly from your recent purchases page. Locate the transaction and use the link to 'Send a message' under the seller's username to send the seller an email.

Most sellers are happy to resolve any issues you may have, so give them a chance to make it right for you.

Please note that payment disputes are time sensitive (For current deadlines please contact the payment processor, directly. Failure to do so could result in your claim being rejected).

2. Report the seller to GALAXHIT and others users.

Send a mail to Write a review about the seller and rate him consequently to let others know about his outrageous attitude. If an issue arises during the course of a transaction, we encourage buyer and seller to work out a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties. GALAXHIT makes sure that we remove any unpleasant seller from our marketplace. Thank you in advance for bringing such sellers to our attention so, we can make GALAXHIT better for all.

3. Open a dispute file with the payment processor

In order to get your money back, you will have to file a dispute with the processor you used to pay for your purchase.

Q- 11 How can I get my money back?

First, you will need to identify the payment company you used to make the purchase. Contact your debit or credit card provider directly to start a dispute on the transaction.