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Guanfeng Mechanical Frozen Solution Is Available

Posted By guanfeng gfmachine     Jan 15    


In recent years, China's fruit has frequently encountered slow-moving problems, and the exploration of deep processing of the fruit industry is imminent. In addition to being eaten directly as a snack or snack, candied fruit can also be used as a decoration on cakes, biscuits and other snacks. The aroma is strong, sweet and delicious, and durable. This is the fruit of the fruit processor. The fruit processor can maintain the size and original flavor of the fruit during the fruit drying process.
The drying method for drying fruits at the beginning of drying, but will be affected by the weather, mildew or uneven exposure, and easy to be contaminated, so the traditional drying method is no longer suitable for modern production needs. The house came into being.
The use of Fruit Processing Machine technology marks that fruit drying has entered a new direction and new field, and has a strong impact and challenge on traditional fruit drying methods and drying equipment. At the same time, the application of fruit processing machines also conforms to the national and local government's calls for energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon production and living, and is in line with the development of the times.
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