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Alterac Valley Battlefield gameplay section1

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     Jan 9    





Alterac Valley is officially released in World of Warcraft, it's a large game battlefield. A total of 80 players engage in the battle, they shall be divided into 2 groups, each number of 40 people, forming a 40v40 battle camp. Now is the right time to rediscover this iconic 40v40 battlefield. In this guide I will mention the battlefield, rewards and strategy behind it.


Alterac Valley is just one of many battlefields in World of Warcraft. Therefore, it is among the first products for being launched on December 11, 2019. By reading the next article, you will not only discover ways to ensure victory, and also get rewards with this mountainous frontier and also epic gear, weapons, WOW Classic Gold and much more. You can even find the history behind this conflict.


How to participate in Alterac Valley

If you would like to line up to Alterac Valley, you must talk to the next npc:

Alliance: Go to Stormwind for Thelman Slatefist, Brogun Stoneshield for the Darnassus Warrior Terrace, Glordrum Steelbeard at Ironforge Military Ward, and then Stormmpike Emissary inside Alliance Capital.

Horde: Kartra Bloodsnarl in Orgrimmar's Valley of Glory, Stucco Wolf inside the Undercity, Taim Ragetotem within the Rise on the Thunder Bluff Hunter, any Frostwolf messenger inside the tribal capital.


The corresponding player visits the npc inside the alliance or perhaps the tribe. After completing the dialogue while using npcs above, you need to know this information.

Alterac Valley is usually a 40v40 battlefield, simply players above level 51 can participate. All eligible players are categorized together, including 60s.

After players go into the Alterac Valley, Alliance players will become near Dambardall from the north, while Horde players begins near Frostwolf Castle from the south. Each team has one goal: to eliminating the enemy's commander. At zzwow Buy WOW Classic Gold, you may get a lot of game currency and props at discount prices to help you win within the game battlefield.


Battlefield collapse

A quick check out map in the game seen by players is clearly put into two from the conflict zone. Towers and cemeteries about the slopes and hillsides start this round from the game underneath the control with the Alliance, and those from the basin area are controlled through the tribe. Throughout the battle, each tower and graveyard may change hands if occupied by enemy players.


Destroying a higher tower can cause the related marshal / warlord to leave from the general's side, thereby greatly weakening his power.

If players can occupy the state-of-the-art graveyard, players out of your faction is going to be allowed to respawn in this particular graveyard. Therefore, it can be imperative to still occupy essentially the most advanced cemeteries.