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As this is what I do for FIFA Mobile Coins

Posted By yan zou     November 7, 2019    


As this is what I do for FIFA Mobile Coins a living today, and with all the new game soon to hit the stores, I sucked it up, sold my soul, also signed up to EA Access so that I might get an notion about exactly what this whole deal was about.

And I have got to tell you; I sucked at it. I sucked so badly that I ended up having to install FIFA 18 after I ruined any possibility of having a squad in FIFA 19. I have heard a lot over the past couple of weeks as you can imagine, and I've come up with this guide for all of you that have never played FUT. If you follow my advice, you'll at least be able to manage yourself be a bit more decorum than I have and, you never know, you might win a few games along the way.

In hindsight, this is a total no-brainer and buy FUT Coins such a rookie mistake which I'm almost embarrassed to incorporate it on here. The reason that I needed to leave FIFA 19 and get my FUT clinic on FIFA 18 was that I managed to burn through all my deletes that are spare in around three days.

And why? Because I believed this time around and didn't like the expression of my squad I would get a starter pack that is much better. It is a stupid thing to do, unless you really and therefore don't do it, and I mean really, have to would you lose all your players but nice small trinkets and all of the money you have accumulated along the way.