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4 Beneifts of Using CONTUO Height Adjustable Desk

Posted By adjustable contuodesk     April 20, 2021    


A height adjustable desk, which is also known as a Height Adjustable Desk is a working desk considered for reading or writing, while at the same time can be used for sitting on a high stool or for standing up. Height adjustable desks have recaptured importance due to some effective health advantages, however, such advantages have not yet been clearly registered. A height adjustable desk or a sit-stand desk can be used for both sitting and standing positions; this is indicated to be more advantageous than the sit-only desk. Sitting for a longer period of time has been connected to deteriorating health impacts. Different choices for sit-stand desk include smaller desk models that can be put on or expelled from a current desk to switch amongst sitting and standing. Here are some benefits of using standing desk.

Sit-stand-switch capability.

Members of the medical community are promoting a “sit-stand-switch” philosophy for optimum health. This philosophy says to alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes to prevent too much strain from being placed on your body in any one position. A sit-stand desk makes it easy to switch from sitting to standing, using a hand crank or an automated button.

Exercise + standing is the secret to fitness.

Even if you exercise for an hour every day, it will not be enough to overcome the ill-effects of sitting for 12+ hours a day. Low-impact movements such as standing and walking play a much more important role in our metabolic expenditure and overall health than most people realize. Your body needs moderate movement throughout the day in addition to regular exercise to maintain peak fitness and health.

Prevent metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is the name for the cluster of conditions that increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, including weight gain and obesity. Not only does standing burn 30% more calories per hour than sitting, but standing up activates the muscular and cellular systems that process blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol. Standing up also helps moderate insulin levels. When you lead a sedentary lifestyle, these essential processes slow down, causing your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels to rise, along with your risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Relieve chronic pain.

Many people experience chronic back or neck pain caused by excessive sitting. Our bodies were designed to stand and move throughout the day, so sitting for extended periods of time puts a strain on our joints. This can cause chronic pain, herniated disks, and pinched nerves.

Lower back pain is the number one reported job-related disability, and costs $85 billion per year in healthcare, lost income, and productivity. Standing improves posture and puts your spine into a more naturally aligned position

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