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Pet cool gel mat waterproof and easy to clean

Posted By Gel King     Apr 8    


Hot weather often causes various discomforts in pets' lives, such as sleeping well-such as baking, staying in the water and running around, etc., but this still does not relieve the heat. They show various abnormalities, such as helpless babies attract your attention, now our pet cool gel mat can easily solve this problem, automatic cooling, no water injection, recycling, cost saving, let your pet cool in summer, avoid overheat.

Main feature:

1. Use at any time: Provide instant and continuous cooling sensation

2. No need to release.

3. Waterproof

5. Easy to clean

6. The elastic pad can be folded into a flat tile; it maintains its shape over time

7. Very suitable for laying on the floor to relax on the bed, cradle or tile

8. Large, 91.44 X 50.8 cm, the design is not only suitable for small dogs, but also suitable for large dogs or cats


1. After rinsing the pad, make sure to wipe it dry and wet.

2. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.

3. Put it in the cooling position or in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, the cooling effect will be better.

When you go to work in the hot summer and your dog’s belly is in a stuffy room, hot cold gel pack can really make it a lot more comfortable.