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    • Last updated November 17, 2020
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And averaging playtime is tough, any day you miss means check

Posted By Wei weismart     November 17, 2020    


idk what to say. Probably because spending 3,000 hours or 4 weeks of IRL time getting maxed stats at a video game is not a life priority for them. Nobody can utilize 24 hours in a day. It would be 6 months and 2 weeks of nothing but OSRS if you were to perform. If you work a full time occupation with RS gold a 45 minute commute each way (wake up at 7:30 get house at 5:45) and perform for 4 hours a day that is 750 times (or 25 months) of spending your evenings almost exclusively on runescape.

And averaging playtime is tough, any day you miss means check. Maxing isn't even attractive with just how much work it requires. I've watched mudkip on YouTube begin an ironman a month or two before me and max in about a year, he is since started an eventual ironman that's heading towards max while I am still at the midgame. He's playing the exact same content for the 3rd time, making the tired jokes and commentary and it simply looks like a massive waste of time. I see his videos occasionally because I used to really enjoy them but now it just looks sad.

What about this debate: Say I played Runescape since 2002. Until RS3 came out maxed, spent my summers grinding of my levels out to achieve that end game content. I come back later to find those levels moved to a match I fucking despise. I need to regrind everything to do what I enjoy doing. Is it incorrect to purchase gold with the money I devote my spare time grinding out? As a way to reobtain levels I earned? Why?

"Is it morally not correct to cover for other people to level up your accounts, since you have achieved the very same levels in another version of Runescape". It's a solo. Not teamwork. You're supposed to work in your own account, not cover other people to do it as you can't be arsed. If you do not or can't put time in, then only like what you could do with the levels and gear you've got. Should you play with yourself and purchase the gold through bonds that's fine. It's not ok, if you utilize those bonds to pay someone else to do it for you then no.

The simple fact that its just a match is enough of an excuse. I play Runescape at the background after work to unwind and have fun. I have a objective of getting the journal cape. I would like to achieve the cape because its term goal I can delight in the journey towards. The journal cape requires unlocking bones. Solving 500 mazes from the training stadium that is mage was neither enjoyable nor relaxing. For buy OSRS gold having completed it I gained zero enjoyment from it, I feel nothing. This wasn't a part of the journey I cared for, I wish it had skipped.Obtaining a job or Household Isn't an excuse use or to bot OSRS Solutions