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Sm2Co17 Magnet Product Overview

Posted By zhijiang cii     Nov 12    


Mar cobalt (or Sm2Co17 Magnet) magnet is a powerful permanent magnet made of an alloy of of and cobalt. They are known for their high magnetic strength, excellent temperature resistance and reliable performance without oxidation protection. As a result, they are more suitable for certain applications than neodymium magnets.
Machining and magnetization, mar cobalt magnets have strong anti-demagnetization ability. All cobalt Sa magnets cannot be formed by conventional drilling, turning or milling processes, and must be ground before they can be magnetized. In addition, large or complex components are usually magnetized before assembly. The standard tolerance of ground size is +/-. 005.
1:5 can provide 16 MGOe (energy products) to 22 MGOe, and is composed of approximately 37% and 63% cobalt. The maximum recommended operating temperature for the 1:5 series is 250°C. SmCo 1:5 magnets require a lower magnetic field strength than 2:17 materials to be magnetized. In some cases, as long as there are available magnetization fixtures, you can use multi-pole magnetization 1:5 materials.

2:17 provides 24 MGOe to 32 MGOe, composed of about 25%, 5% copper, 18% iron, 2% or or zirconium, and the rest is cobalt. The maximum operating temperature of the 2:17 series is 350°C. Provides a special grade of 2:17, which can work at higher temperatures. SmCo 2:17 requires a higher magnetization field than alloy 1:5, and if a magnetization jig can be used, multi-polar magnetization may sometimes be performed.