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How to deal with oil pan wear of hydraulic vane pump

Posted By Cassidy vanepump     September 17, 2020    


After the oil distribution plate of the Hydraulic Vane Pumps is severely worn, it will break down the high and low pressure chambers. I will share with you a very simple emergency repair method. Although no high-precision special surface grinder is used, the repair effect is very satisfactory. . The detailed method is as follows:

  1. Coarse grinding

Choose to put the coarse sand cloth on the flat glass and add a little oil and abrasive sand, and then put the oil distribution plate on the sand cloth to stop flat grinding. The method of flat grinding is: turning while grinding, the level of flat grinding is to eliminate the large and deep grooves.

  1. Fine grinding

Use the same method as above, use fine water emery cloth to move, and stop flat grinding with the oil distribution plate until all the grooves are completely eliminated.

  1. Fine grinding

Use a permanent magnet to attract the movable oil pan, and then flatly attract the permanent magnet to the steel plate. At this time, the oil distribution pan is equivalent to a positioning platform, which can not only play the role of positioning the dynamic oil distribution pan, but also make the moving and fixed oil pans grind evenly, and the requirements for grinding methods are not strict. After mixing the engine oil thoroughly, apply it to the oil distribution pan. Because the oil distribution pan has suction, be careful not to press down with your hands. Use the magnet's suction to stop the grinding. The technique is still grinding and turning. After grinding until there is no mark on the surface of the oil distribution plate, apply engine oil to the oil distribution plate and grind it in the same way. Finally, use a demagnetizer to remove the residual magnetism of the oil distribution plate.

  1. Inspection

Clean the oil distribution pan with gasoline, apply a layer of butter on the flat glass, place the oil distribution pan on the buttered surface, and put clean gasoline into the high and low pressure distribution holes of the oil distribution pan. Whether there is oil leakage between the oil distribution plate and the high pressure cavity and the low pressure cavity, if there is no obvious Oil Pumps leakage, it meets the accuracy requirements.