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How to test the syringe mold

Posted By krista medicalmould     September 16, 2020    


Syringe Mould body tightness test method:

  1. Positive pressure method: suck the syringe into the water of the nominal volume, use the specified axial pressure and lateral pressure to act on the core rod for 30s, and there should be no leakage in the contact part of the outer jacket and the piston.
  2. Negative pressure method: keep for 60s±5s under the action of 88kPa negative pressure, the contact part of the jacket and the piston must not leak, and the piston and core rod must not be separated.

It can be professionally used for disposable sterile syringes, disposable sterile injection needle products, the sliding performance of the syringe piston, the puncture force of the needle tip of the injection needle, the tightness of the syringe body, the connection firmness of the needle seat of the injection needle, the injection needle needle High-precision testing of the mating force between the seat and the sheath.

Prepare the sample according to the relevant standards, inject general water into the syringe, remove residual air, plug in the needle cap to block the needle, adjust the clamp to clamp the sample, set the corresponding test parameters and sample parameters; click to start the test and observe No leakage should be observed behind the sample, needle seat or piston; after a single test, the upper chuck is returned to the position, and the result is automatically calculated and returned to the test interface to start the test of the next sample. So after the sample test is completed, the result of Three Way Stopcock can be generated.