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What Coatings Does Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts Have

Posted By weigao fasteners     July 21, 2020    


  1. The natural color, that is, there is no treatment on the surface, this situation is easy to rust
      2, cold galvanized, this is the most commonly used surface coating for Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts, which is characterized by economical benefits and general corrosion resistance
      3, Dacromet, moderate corrosion resistance
      4. Hot-dip galvanizing. This kind of coating has a thicker zinc layer and is characterized by corrosion resistance. This kind of coating is often used in general power construction or outdoor construction.
      5. Co-permeation of multiple alloys has the advantages of high bonding strength, high coating hardness, no hydrogen embrittlement hazard, good coating thickness uniformity, simple process, and raw material saving.
      It has good adhesion, extreme pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and at the same time, it can prevent surface damage and corrosion of the workpiece. The wear-resistant coating is placed on the Hexagon Flange Boltthread or surface by a special processing method, and heated and sintered to form a dense, uniform dry film lubricating layer with strong adhesion.
      1, improve the torque coefficient of fasteners
      Wear-resistant coating can effectively improve the torque coefficient of fasteners. According to customer needs, adjust the torque coefficient between 0.09-0.13 or process fasteners with specific torque coefficients according to customer needs.
      2, solved the problem of anti-seize and anti-seize of fasteners
      The lubricating coating formed by applying molybdenum disulfide paint on the thread or surface of the fastener is not easy to rust, jam, and seize after the fastener is used.
      3, solve the problem of ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature lubrication of fasteners
      Abrasion-resistant coatings can be made according to the needs of customers' actual working conditions, to produce coatings with different temperature requirements of -270℃ and 380℃. That is, the surface coating of fasteners at this temperature will not be embrittled and still have lubricating properties.
      4, solve the problem of wear resistance and self-lubrication of fasteners
      Based on the excellent performance of EUBO wear-resistant coating materials, the wear-resistant coating has good wear resistance and self-lubricating properties. Fasteners can be loosened and locked repeatedly, the threaded teeth will not be damaged, time and effort are saved, and costs are saved.
      5, solve the problem of rust and corrosion of fasteners
      The wear-resistant coating forms a dense and firm lubricating film on the surface of the thread or the fastener, the film thickness is about 10 microns. The film cuts off the contact between the metal substrate and the air, and is not easy to cause the substrate to rust. If it is used in conjunction with hot-dip galvanizing or other anti-corrosion coatings, it will have a better anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect.
      6. Solved the maintenance-free problem of fasteners
    In some specific environments, the lubrication system of the working environment that cannot be maintained (such as the field environment), is inconvenient to maintain (ultra-high and low temperature, toxic environment, etc.) or the maintenance cost is high, the solid lubrication dry film form can be eliminated maintain.