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Want to play the entire season in 2K

Posted By MMOexp sitefans     May 3    


It's not a grind if you badge glitched etc. closer to launch. Without nba 2k20 mt purchasing VC it is absolutely a grind. Sure you can get to 90 overall in 1 season if you play each game on easy and especially play to stand up grade, but you still need to work badges (that can be much more significant this year) outside of the time that you're enjoying the entire games.i did not cheese got any free vcs or skills from events. I played with every game and simply played on the second hardest difficulty. I get a + because I play with PG. Badges take work, sure, but also got all these badges I wanted to get to at least silver until I finishes the first season though that's quite much dependent on the sort of player you want I suppose. In either case I easily obtained to 88-89 markers before trying and I recall in 2k14 I had been grinding for 85 on my next season, though it's possible I was even more shit back then.I dont see how"I played every match in the season on the 2nd toughest problem, obtained an A+ every match, grinded badges after each game so I could find those that I wanted high enough" counts as"not even trying" That is hardcore.

"Not even attempting" is playing half the season at best, rarely hitting on the practice gym if ever, enjoying with one or two park games a night for VC rather than player, etc.. Like if you take a look at your hours performed with you have to be hitting 100+ in this stage not counting really using your player online, just development time and regular season single player games.i dont know man I just played NBA 2K20 and obtained a+s along with the rest without trying is exactly what I was trying to state.

I guess a few folks may not want to play the entire season but to me playing NBA 2K20s are, well, the entire game, and so I went to it. It's the amount of games you perform that matter, and to me personally, it doesn't appear to be a grind. I also never play online since I'm bad at NBA 2K20 that would net me VC. I have 93 hours clocked but not all of it is on Mycareer. I've got 150+ hours into 2K19 and 2K20. 2K20 has a far quicker Overall grind than a year ago, a better badge grind imo as you don't need to spam one particular thing, and a quicker VC grind. MyPlayer Points will be the restriction on raising your Total from the 90+ range, you will have VC at there. My Playmaking Shot Creator made it following one season of drama, no VC spent. Each of my own 52 badges unlocked without a glitching. I need the breaker that is last, however.

Playing on All Star.I did make two other characters simply to play with MyPlayerNation and funnel additional VC to my chief. So that did include yet another 6000 to buy mt nba 2k20 or so weekly. That seems way, way too low. Even in the event that you play with zero MyPlayerNation matches, 82 game season and 750 VC salary from performing the prelude means you will average around 1000 VC a game on Pro (less at the start, more later). But including endorsements, that is readily 100,000 VC. With Daily Spin and Daily challenges, it's likely to drive 115-125K. With MPN, it's easy to make that the full 150K you will need for 85. Playoffs will push you further.Seriously too low. My Slashing SG/SF is 82 or so after just below half the year..) And really playing NBA 2K20s must net you atleast an 85 by end of season.