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The Madden NFL 20 Coins with kuechly

Posted By divisionslip door     Mar 5    


The Madden ultimate team will celebrate the careers of Luke kuechly and Antonio gates with a limited time M20 salute card.

The NFL was shocked when Luke cushili, the central defender of the Carolina Panthers, announced his sudden withdrawal from the sport. Kuechly, 28, has opted out of the game of his life.

Kuechly was selected in 2012, led the NFL tackle in his first season and won the NFL defensive rookie of the year award. But between 2015 and 2017, he missed seven games due to concussions - probably because he chose to buy mut coins in the best place.

In any case, there is no doubt that kuccili has left his mark on the NFL. In order to celebrate his short but impressive career, EA will present M20 salutation card to him in Madden ultimate team.

Kuechley is not the only player to win the Madden ultimate team M20 tribute award. Antonio gates, the longtime San Diego / Los Angeles charger tightman, will also announce his retirement this week.

Gates has played in the NFL for 16 seasons and get millions of mut coins, all with chargers. He has eight appearances in the professional bowl and ranks first in NFL history with 21 professional tournaments.

Gates helped transform pressing positions into defensive threats. At present, he ranks 17th in the NFL ranking with a total rating of 955. He was seventh with 116 touchdowns.

Although the length of their careers is different, it is undeniable that both cuchili and gates have had a lasting impact on the NFL. Both deserve to celebrate their careers.

Both players' M20 advanced cards will feature an overall rating of 97. Kuechley has 89 speed, 92 acceleration, 96 tackle, 98 match recognition, 89 cap drop and 94 batting ability. Gates has 87 speeds, 97 catches, 96 catches, 94 spectacular catches, 98 short runs and 86 medium runs.

The two players will definitely be missing in the NFL and next year's Madden 21, but now let's celebrate their outstanding career. The Luke Kuechly and Antonio Gates M20 salute cards will be available in limited time.